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We are hiring!

Below are the roles we are currently recruiting for. 

If you are interested in joining the Glowen team, please complete the form below, upload your CV and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

We are recruiting for BABCP, HCPC registered psychologist with a minimum of two years’ experience delivering CBT to do some seasonal  work (minimum 5 hours a week). It is the requirement for the therapist to have their own supervision arrangements at the time of registration. The therapist will be paid at £55 per session, Counselling referrals are available to BACP accredited or UKCP or NCS registered therapists at £35 per session.

Glowen Online Therapy (GOT) works in partnership with one of the largest independent providers of CBT services and evidence based psychological therapies nationwide. The company works across psychological service provision, with self-funded clients, private medical insurer contracts, blue chip organisations and NHS Primary Care Psychological Therapies Service.

When therapists signing up with Glowen Online Therapy they would also have access to the administrative support, clinical governance team guidance, and dedicated financial team from the company we work with to ensure that high standard. The therapist will also receive access to CPD events.

There is no online portal the therapist needs to learn. All sessions will be delivered via our platform where the therapist will be provided by a log in details. We have a dedicated IT team who will offer continuous support.

Each referral will be sent to Glowen Online Therapy. Once the referrals are received they will be allocated to individual therapists to start treatment.

Most of the sessions are delivered remotely, however if the therapist is available and has a space to offer face-to-face (F2F) we have many clients requesting this also.

Each client is assigned a case handler to support the therapist and the client through treatment.

Most clients are authorised sessions in bulks of 6 initially, this is so we can ensure engagement. However, some referral companies authorise the whole treatment in one go. Some referrers process the invoices at the end of treatment and some process in every 6 sessions.

After 6 sessions, the therapist will submit and invoice to Glowen Online Therapy. The invoice will be sent for processing where it takes approximately 4 weeks.

We are actively looking to expand on our psychiatry network. Adult assessments are in demand however if you have anyone who can see patients under 18 that would be fantastic. 

The opportunity within our team is restricted to psychiatrists in the UK while performing the assessments, even if done online. The psychiatrists will give us their availability and then we could co-ordinate to send referrals to them while working in the UK.

Our standard rate for an adult assessment is £220 (approx. 1 hour with follow up at £125 for half hour). £300 is available for Child and Adolescent psychiatrists (approx. 1 hour with a follow up at £160 for a minimum of half an hour).

The process is that Glowen Online Therapy would receive referrals from our partners, the referral will be sent to a psychiatrist for assessment. 

Following assessment, the psychiatrist would be expected to make therapy recommendations in keeping with NICE guidance for Glowen Online Therapy to implement– such as CBT, TF-CBT, psychotherapy etc and agree further follow up by you if needed. As the psychiatrist only see the patient once or twice usually, most psychiatrists ask that the GP implement any physical investigations and medication if needed, unless they have a clinic structure that can support remaining clinically responsible for the patient.

The psychiatrist must send a copy of their report to the patient/ family and GP (also risk safety plan if risk identified), and to Glowen Online Therapy so that any therapy recommendations can be implemented. 

When the psychiatrist joins us, they will receive some support where possible and can direct any queries to our partners where the referrals come from. 

The psychiatrist will need to register and go through the process of due diligence before they start.

All the necessary paperwork will be provided.

Please get in touch if you have any queries.